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Rhys Ifans talks The Amazing Spider-Man

20 Jun 2012
Curses a lot
We’ve already brought you chats with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and today we’re gearing up for our video interview with the just plain awesome Rhys Ifans for The Amazing Spider-Man.Ifans plays Dr. Curt Connors – a genius geneticist who gets so caught up in his attempt to restore the arm he lost in an accident that he ends up become the dastardly Lizard. He works as both a mentor to Garfield’s Peter Parker as the young man investigates what happened to his parents and an antagonist as the film progresses.
We caught up with Ifans in Cancun in April to talk about the film, but first we had to talk about the party the night before.
The Amazing Spider-Man is in cinemas from the 3rd of April and you can find plenty more on the film in our Content Hub here.
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