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All action in new Total Recall trailer

28 Jun 2012
OK, there's some story elements in there too.
If the last Total Recall trailer left you wanting more, we have some good news as a new full-length trailer has been released. The trailer shows Colin Farrell as factory worker Douglas Quaid, but he doesn’t seem too happy with life when we meet him. He decides to go to memory-altering company Rekall, but everything goes awry from there. Suddenly, Quaid becomes a hunted man and the person leading the charge is the woman he knew as his wife (Kate Beckinsale).
The new trailer shows off a good chunk of action and some hand-to-hand combat between Farrell and Beckinsale. And for those who wanted more of the Martian elements of the film, we get a brief glimpse of the memorable three-breasted lady. Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy and Bryan Cranston also make appearances. Total Recall will open on August 3rd in North America and August 29th in Europe.
All action in new Total Recall trailer on