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Malone about to Catch Fire?

04 Jul 2012
Hunger Games sequel casts up
The Hunger Games was much better than most expected, taking Suzanne Collins'best-selling novels into the movie world without butchering everything that was originally good about them.
Even before the first film finished shooting, Lionsgate confirmed that a second movie was in active development, with Catching Fire given a November 2013 release date. That puts a huge amount of pressure on the cast and crew to get back to shooting as soon as possible. The swift turnaround was also a contributory factor to director Gary Ross stepping down, leaving the way open for Constantine director Francis Lawrence to step in.
Naturally enough, there’s also been a lot of interest in the casting for the second film – as new character enter the world of Panem. There’s been particular focus on the role of Johanna Mason – a tribute from another district who ends up becoming quite important to JenniferLawrence’s Katniss Everdeen. Sources now say that Jenna Malone has been offered the part and is in early talks to take on the role. Malone is best known recently for her turn in Sucker Punch and has also popped up in everything from DonnieDarko to Pride andPrejudice. At 28, Malone is somewhat older than the character, something which may become an issue as the story continues into Mockingjay. While Sucker Punch was hardly a great test of her abilities, Malone isn’t the most electrifying of performers, though she did do a decent job with the over the top stuntwork of Zack Snyder’s snorefest. The Hunger Games was notable amongst teen adaptations for an above average cast, and it something I’d like to see continue.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will hit cinemas on the 22nd of November and we’ll have a lot more information before then. Why not read our review of The Hunger Games in the meantime!
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