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A Mondo Poster for Everyone!

17 Jul 2012
Mondo's TDKR poster available for all
If you’re into movies and have a passing affinity with the internet, you’ve likely heard of Mondo – a company that specialises in once off, super special edition prints of totally unique posters. New or old, good movie or kinda crappy one – Mondo can make anything look epic and if you’re fan of said film, they really should be on your radar.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind poster
Close Encounters of the Third Kind posterEnlarge Enlarge
Part of the appeal of the Mondo poster is that they are strictly limited, leading to fan anxiety when every sale period approaches. At Comic-Con 2012, the company announced that for one day only, all that was about to change. For just 24 hours, from 12:01 Central Time on Wednesday July 18th to 11:59, Mondo will be giving everyone the world over the chance to buy a special edition poster for The Dark Knight Rises, created by Olly Moss.
The Dark Knight Rises by Olly Moss
The Dark Knight Rises by Olly MossEnlarge Enlarge
Rather than just selling a limited number, every person who orders during that period is guaranteed a 16x24 inch version of the 24x36 inch version which was being sold at Comic-Con. The price is fixed at $40 dollars but we’ve got no word just yet on shipping or inevitable duty charges outside the US. We’ve also heard that one poster will contain a special golden ticket which will entitle the bearer to one totally unique item created by artist Olly Moss. Any film, any image. Which is pretty darn cool. At Comic-Con, creative director Justin Ishamael was keen to point out that this isn’t a change in how Mondo functions but a once off event: “This isn’t going to change how we do stuff. People in Australia, Japan and Germany all complain they can’t get our posters. This is our way to say ‘Thank you’ to anyone who has ever wanted to buy a poster from us. I hope people take it well and it’s not like ‘Mondo sold out or something.’ It’s more this is a truly for the fan thing. If you want good art and you want to hang this, you have 24 hours. Normally by the time people find out [about our posters], it’s sold out.” If you want to grab the special Mondo print for The Dark Knight Rises, head to on Wednesday to claim it.The Dark Knight Rises is out on the 20th of July.
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