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Man of Steel Teaser Trailers

23 Jul 2012
Teaser Trawler
Zach Snyder’s Man of Steelsoars into theatres next year and so far all we’ve had to satiate our curiosity a single promotional still.
Superman's response to the banking crisis
Superman's response to the banking crisis
Similarly, these dual snippets, narrated by Russell Crowe’sJor El and Kevin Costner’sPa Kent, aren’t all that much to go on.
Beyond the tired “Supes, I’m your Da and you should be nice to people!” monologues, there are shots of exciting things such as socks and gulls and boats. Superman, or at least Clark Kent, appears to be a fisherman here for some undisclosed reason. And personally, I’m praying to almighty Kal El himself that it’s not because he’s following in this alarming superhero precedent of late and hanging up his cape. Because that would be lame. Thankfully, the teaser’s money shot is not lame, with a newly attired Superman bursting his fair share of sound barriers as he ascends to the heavens. With Zach Snyder at the helm, there can be little doubt that Man of Steel will be one of the most visually impressive blockbusters of 2013. Let’s just hope it’s got more than simple looks on its side by the time it hits cinemas.
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