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Total Recall Action Featurette

24 Jul 2012
Start the Reactor!
As most of you will rekall, Len Wiseman’s Total Recall hits cinemas within the next few weeks. Also, and this point needs stressing, it looks kinda brilliant. For those of you unwilling to simply take my word for it, behold this singularly heated domestic...
Our general glowing impression is coloured in no small part by the many chase, explosion and fight sequences trailered in Total Recall’s marketing campaign. Sony Pictures are obviously not ignorant of this, as they’ve debuted this featurette which interviews cast and crew about the film’s Sci-Fi action. There’s even a few fresh clips tucked away in there, with further CQC from Farrell, hover car collisions and exploding... I dunno, matter presumably.
If memory serves, Total Recall opens in theatres on August 29th.
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