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A Prairie Home Companion

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5 out of 10 A Prairie Home Companion
Peter from Dublin, 06 Aug 2007
A wonderful feel good movie. Meryl Streep and Garrison Keillor (playing himself) are excellent. Superb timing, great music and a very natural presentation.Woody Harrelson and John C Reilly have many funny scenes as two rambling cowboy singers and Kevin Kline is superb as a self absorbed quasi private detective character. Robert Altman once again surpasses himself, in the words of the New York Times, with a film that is a defiant celebration of imperfection, improvisation and accident. Watch it.
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1.5 out of 10 What A Woebegone Movie!
Les from Dublin, 02 Nov 2007
As a Garrison Keiller fan, for about 15 years, I was so pleased to see that they had finally made a movie of my favourite radio programme; but, oh, what a huge disappointment it turned out to be. The characters and scenery were much as I had imagined, but the plot was extremely weak. Seems to me like they were trying to be too clever; it came across as very self indulgent. I'm still a fan of Garrison Keiller, but how sad that, incredibly, there wasn't even any "news from Lake Wobegon"!
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4 out of 10 Prairie Home Companion
Norella from Dublin, 16 Aug 2007
A great movie that gives you a warm homely feeling inside (and makes you want to quilt); fails to tie up stories/character development very neatly, but I'll forgive it as I enjoyed the music - a must for country music fans; even if you're not a country music fan, watch it anyway, as it is quite funny (it's all in the delivery). I approve.
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0.5 out of 10 Non-runner
Monika from Cork, 02 Aug 2007
For me, confirmation that Robert Altman hasn't made a good movie since Pret-a-porter. You get the good performances from a cast like this, some nice moments and a curious insight in Middle American entertainment. But watching a variety show-like plotline meandering along just fails to be engaging enough.
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3 out of 10 prairie
Patrick & Jacqueline from Dublin, 08 Aug 2007
A slow moving depiction of an old fashioned american radio show. This was Robert Altman's last movie & interesting for that reason alone. However unless You are a fan of the original radio show or Garrison Keilor this might not be for you. It has no real story or plot but has a very good cast.
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What's it about....
On a rainy Saturday night in St. Paul, Minnesota, fans file into the Fitzgerald Theater to see 'A Prairie Home Companion,' a staple of radio station WLT, not knowing that WLT has been sold to a Texas conglomerate and that tonight's show will be the last...

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