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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

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1 out of 10 Had Peers but physically only
Caroline from Dublin, 15 Sep 2010
The beginning of this film worked well. An old man untouched by life. This inspired his elderly 'peers' to see the eyes through the world of a little child and live differently. However this didnt translate to a young child (4years old) having lived a life and mixing with his young 'peers'. Rather as a 4 year old he was still living with old people in the same home explaining himself to social services as to why he wasnt in school. This scene hit my funny bone and left cinema laughing so dont kn
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2 out of 10 Too long and too boring
Fergal from Dublin, 14 Aug 2009
David Fincher, Brad Pitt and a hugely appealing pitch - a man who ages backwards. Where did it go wrong. This is far too long and nothing really happens during the movie. The fact that Pitt is CGI'ed so much means that this is his worst acting performance in years. Unfortunately the dominance of the CGI effects dominated and destroyed the other parts of a movie that makes it work - storyline, good acting, good pace and a good script. There may be a documentary later on about the making of this m
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0.5 out of 10 Nothing Curious about this
Linda from Cork, 28 Jun 2009
This was a hugely disappointing film. The story drags along at a tedious pace and I lost three hours which I can never get back. The special affects are the only good thing about this film. Basically, the film shows Benjamins whole life (80yrs of it!!!) which has been squeezed into three hours. However, because they spent so much time trying to cram his whole life in the fim doesn't really get time to develop on a few good sub plots but instead plods along to the point where you just want to
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0 out of 10 Dismal
Cathy from Kildare, 09 Jul 2009
This is completely perposterous drivel - it has put me off Fincher, Pitt and Blancett... Story ludicrous, characters unlikeable, flat out racism in the "oh lord have massy, yessum" blacks straight out of Gone with the Wind, uncomfortable pedophilic undertones... it's unforgivable tosh. The most curious thing about it is how it managed not to cease to exist through disappearance up its own arse!!
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4 out of 10 Benjamin Button
Mary from Kilkenny, 30 Oct 2009
I really enjoyed this film, a very simple story, no confusion over Benjamin recalling his life from present back to the past where there can be a times with some films. The sequence of events were well put together. very well made film in directing and acting. Sometimes the simple stories are the best! I would watch it again.
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What's it about....
Tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences.

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