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World Trade Center (2006)

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1 out of 10 World trade centre
Simon from Leitrim, 26 Feb 2007
Cage actually shows some acting range in this grim tale but the result is merely a competent performance. The film attempts to put you in the shoes of the NY firemen and their families during that horrendous time but some how there is a Hollywood gloss that prevents it from doing so. You know what you are getting from the onset and as either a cinematic piece or virtual documentary it contributes to nothing. This movie is a poor show for the often inspiring Oliver Stone.
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0.5 out of 10 Worst Cage flick of the year. By far.
Pamela from Galway, 13 Mar 2007
What's less necessary than another retelling of 9/11? A film about it. What's worse than a film about 9/11? Nicolas Cage in it. What's possibly worse than a Nicolas Cage film about 9/11? Showing the shadow of one of the planes hitting the WTC in a horror film kind of way. If you want to see 9/11 reduced to tension-building movie-making gimmicks then this one's for you.
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3 out of 10 Nicholas Cage survives in World Trade Center
Terry from Louth, 05 Feb 2007
Based on true events, this movie is obviously predictable. I wouldn't like to criticise any project associated with 9/11 but the movie could have reached out a little further, perhaps focusing on more individual stories from other survivors. Relies heavily on Nicholas Cage putting in a good performance. Worth watching but don't expect too much.
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3 out of 10 world trade
noelle from Westmeath, 11 Apr 2007
This film is a little tedious, and takes a while to get going. Its filmed in a docu/drama style. Cage being cast as the hero which he seems to be in most of his films. It has its moments but don't expect anything out of the ordinary from this film. If you want a feel good hero worship film this is the one.
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3.5 out of 10 limited
pat from Donegal, 29 Jun 2007
this is a movie about 911 that follows a group of fire men into the second building , it helps imagine just how quick it all happened and how hard it was to survive . i taught there would be more to this but it was kept simple , a look at the family and the will to live
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What's it about....
The events of September 11 left an indelible mark on most Americans, and certainly on those in the New York City area. Yet as fresh as the images seem, it's easy to forget the actual grit, sacrifice, and uncertainty of that day. Director Oliver Stone captures the essence of 9/11 by focusing on the true story of two Port Authority Police Department officers who were trapped beneath the wreckage of the fallen World Trade Center. Veteran officer Sergeant John McLoughlin (Nicholas...

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